Interim CPO Services

Between a Rock and a Hard Place and Without a CPO? Hire An Interim Chief Procurement Officer

There could be a number of scenarios where you suddenly find your business without a procurement leader in place. That person might have quit without notice, pursued a different career path, or maybe needs to leave work for an extended period of time because of an emergency personal situation or medical condition.

Whatever the reason happens to be, what your business knows is that it needs someone to lead its procurement group and you needed them yesterday. In the meantime, everyone’s workflow is disrupted, productivity is impacted, and customers are getting upset. You don’t have time to run that aspect of your business yourself, and other employees don’t have the time to work their own jobs and someone else’s too. Without a leader in place, you run the risk of missing critical objectives, derailing key initiatives and impacting your company’s productivity. Don’t leave your business at risk when you are without a Chief Procurement Officer.

AES Consulting helps businesses trapped in this situation by connecting them with a temporary procurement leader. We possess an extensive network of qualified professionals who help you keep things operating as smoothly as possible. Who knows, this person may ultimately become your permanent procurement leader!

If you need help finding a qualified procurement leader and quickly restore order to the group, contact AES Consulting at 609-306-8176 or use our online form.