• Organizational Assessment

    Is Your Procurement Group Staffed and Organized Appropriately for Success?
    How is your procurement group organized and does each member of the team have the appropriate skillsets to perform at the highest level? What kind of traction does it get with internal business partners? How effective is the organization in meeting the pressing needs of the business?

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    Organizational Assessment
  • Sourcing Strategies

    Make Strategic Sourcing Work in Your Organization.
    Procurement is a critical function in today’s competitive environment. And with the costs of purchased goods and services being more than 50% of sales at most companies, the stakes are huge. So often, the focus in strategic sourcing is simply on how well negotiations have been conducted.

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    Sourcing Strategies
  • Procurement Methodologies and Processes

    Having a robust sourcing methodology and efficient processes are critical elements of building a world class procurement organization. I don’t know of any procurement organization that isn’t over worked, so these measures can have a great impact on extending your reach in your company. Let’s start with methodology.

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    Procurement Methodologies and Processes
  • Supplier Relationship Management

    Take the Higher Ground with Supplier Relationship Management.
    Does the following situation sound familiar? Your procurement group has cycled through several years sourcing your most important spend categories. With each new round of RFP’s, you see a significant reduction in the benefits generated and you begin to realize that too much

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    Supplier Relationship Management
  • Consumption and Specification Management

    Go Beyond Price In Generating Value for Your Organization
    Price and quality are generally the two primary areas of focus when it comes to sourcing goods and services. AES Consulting helps you expand that value proposition for your company by using the additional levers of consumption and specification management (CSM).

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    Consumption and Specification Management
  • Supplier Diversity

    Supplier Diversity Needs to Be on Your Radar Screen
    Being successful as a company is often about having a keen understanding of the marketplace and its customers. That means developing a diverse supplier base that reflects the marketplace and communities that a business serves and tapping into the energy, creativity and fresh perspectives that minority

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    Supplier Diversity
  • Interim CPO Services

    Between a Rock and a Hard Place and Without a CPO? Hire An Interim Chief Procurement Officer
    There could be a number of scenarios where you suddenly find your business without a procurement leader in place. That person might have quit without notice, pursued a different career path, or maybe needs to leave work for an extended period of time because…

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    Interim CPO Services

Welcome to AES Consulting

Anthony E. Santiago

– Principal at AES Consulting  & Business Services LLC

– Certified Professional in Supply Management (CPSM)

– Past Member of National Board of the Institute
for Supply Management

– MBA with Concentration in Finance The Wharton
School, University of Pennsylvania


Tony has more than 30 years of experience in supply management and finance at two highly respected Fortune 50 companies and started his professional career with Price Waterhouse in the audit department.

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